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Connect ~ Express ~ Heal ~ Transform ~ Together
As humans, we’re inherently creative, expressive, transformative beings. We’re born with a natural urge to create, heal and evolve. We are made of stardust and the life force of the universe flows through us in wondrous ways!

We’re also innately social creatures and we need each other, not only to survive but especially to thrive. We need to love and be loved. We need to give and receive. We need to belong and include. We need to be close to other human beings. We need to form healthy attachments with other people and, at the same time, we need to be our true authentic selves. But the harsh dominant culture that invades our modern society doesn’t nurture our natural creativity, our natural healing abilities or our natural connections. In fact, it devalues, diminishes, suppresses and restricts them. Our economic, political, social and cultural 'norms' value individual achievement and independence over collaborative success and cooperation. But, the truth is, WE ARE NATURE and everything in nature is intertwined and interdependent. The good news is we can recover and reclaim our inherent social abilities and one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to do this is within an intentional group setting.

Sacred Spaces for Women

Anne-Marie facilitates safe, sacred, nurturing spaces for groups of women to explore and practice together 
 encouraging creative expression, intentional healing and community building.  
Together, we reclaim deep trust and experience the sheer joy of being human. 
Together, we learn how to best support and encourage each other.
Together we create, heal and transform.

Upcoming Events:

Winter Retreats for Women

Deep in the heart of Winter we'll gather to warm our souls by the fire. In the cozy warmth of my straw bale home and studio we'll share to our Winter stories, nourish our inter-connectedness, and sew our dream-seeds for Spring. Join me for a one day retreat, or come for the whole series and take yourself on a Winter journey.
Dates & Themes: 
Sunday 4th August ~ Tending Your Creative Spark
Sunday 18th August ~ Nourishing Your Connections
Saturday 31st August ~ Sewing Your Dream Seeds

Women's Drum-Making Journey

Hand-crafting frame drums is something women from many different cultures have practiced for thousands of years. It's a creative, healing and empowering experience that modern women are reclaiming. 
Join Anne-Marie, your experienced guide, for a sacred drum-making journey with a small group of women in the beautiful south-west bush.
We are all born with the inherent ability to love, to be loved, to heal and transform. This is our essential nature. As social beings, we all need other people to walk alongside us in the journey of life. That's what it means to be human. You Me We.

Nurture Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life. Her sacred presence is alive within us, supporting us in every moment, guiding us towards natural healing and transformation. Along with this gift comes our role in reciprocity, to read Her signs, take responsible action, give thanks, love and care for Earth.
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