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Available for private and group sessions, ceremonies and celebrations in the south-west of Western Australia.
Tel: 0408 744 572

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Coessence offers inspiration, information, reflection & connection for people committed to their personal healing journeys. Together we create communities of encouragement & support.

Reflection and Connection

When we take responsibility for our own healing and seek the support that we need, we empower ourselves and transform our lives. This in turn, creates ripples of healing and transformation out into our families and communities.
Coessence - Reflection and Connection

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Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
International Institute for Complementary Therapists
We are all born with the inherent ability to love, to be loved, to heal and transform. This is our essential nature. As social beings, we all need other people to walk alongside us in the journey of life. That's what it means to be human. You Me We.

Nurture Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life. Her sacred presence is alive within us, supporting us in every moment, guiding us towards natural healing and transformation. Along with this gift comes our role in reciprocity, to read Her signs, take responsible action, give thanks, love and care for Earth.
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