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A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music for healing, wellbeing and creativity.
Chakradance - Healing, Wellbeing, Creativity


This is what we mean when we describe Chakradance™ as “rhythm for your soul”...
Chakradance - Embody Your soul

Embody your soul

CHAKRADANCE™ is a well-being movement practice. It uses spontaneous dance to specific music for the purpose of healing and revitalising your whole energy system. Chakradance works with the seven major chakras, the energetic gateways through which body, mind and spirit come together, literally embodying the soul.
Chakradance - An Affirmation of You

An affirmation of you

At the heart of Chakradance is the music. In Chakradance, each of these seven major chakras has its own unique selection of wonderfully danceable music.  Through conscious dance, activated by your natural imagination and creativity, it leads to an awakening, a discovery of your true self. Chakradance can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are.
Chakradance - Journey of Self-discovery

Journey of self-discovery

Think of it as a 'dynamic moving meditation to music'... or as 'the musical sister of yoga' (without the set-piece poses or asanas). There is no right or wrong way to move your body. It’s a journey of self-discovery. Each chakra is explored through specific music, guided imagery and your own free, improvised dance, done in a low-lit space with your eyes softly closed. This begins to activate inner experiences. It’s almost like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye while you are dancing or gain insights. You may also experience feelings, emotions or physical sensations.
Chakradance - Healing and Balance

Healing and balance

But at a deeper level, Chakradance is also about healing and balance. By surrendering to the music of each chakra, we dance from the inside out and find ourselves awakening and healing ancient hurts; expressing ~ often for the first time ~ long-blocked emotions; and, opening ourselves up to new levels of spiritual connection. 
For some people, it helps them build their confidence, or nurture their creativity, and for others it's a spiritual practice that connects them with the Divine. This is what we mean when we describe  Chakradance™ as “rhythm for your soul”.
Coessence - Experience Chakradance

Experience Chakradance

Chakradance can be experienced by anyone and everyone and all fitness levels are welcome. You can do it standing, lying down, or seated. You can move as little or as much as you want. You can experiment and make it your own. 
Chakradance is usually practiced inside but you can also practice outside in nature where the benefits include connecting with the elements in a very sensual way.
Every time you practice Chakradance you can have a fresh and unique experience. There are many ways to experience it and so much to experience when you do.
Chakradance - Classes to Re-connect

Classes to re-connect

Most classes conclude with participants creating a personal mandala artwork, to help integrate their experience and for their own personal use in reflecting on the class in the following days.
Chakradance puts you in touch with the sacred within yourself. It helps you re-connect with your own soul, unique and beautiful. Dancing the seven chakras is like dancing into seven different worlds, seven different facets of your whole self, each with their own lessons, meanings and stories. As a practice, it helps you to feel more balanced, more joyful, and to radiate your own true colours out into the world.

Classes and Workshops

CHAKRADANCE™ is usually offered in small groups of 6 – 12 people.

I invite you to come along to my next Introduction Workshop and try it out.

For a deeper Chakradance experience you can join a course, attend a one-day workshop or a weekend retreat.

If you prefer to have a private one-to-one experience of Chakradance, I would be very happy to facilitate that for you.
Chakradance - Rhythm for your soul

Upcoming CHAKRADANCE™ experiences, dates & bookings:

Introduction to Chakradance
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Chakradance Retreat
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What participants have said:

"I soo love chakra dancing! It allows my body to access new rhythms and movements that I had no idea existed within me, giving me a freedom to discover and express a wealth of untapped aspects of myself that were previously hidden.  Dancing in this way is a constant surprise of delight, discovery, creativity and joy!"
"If you have the chance to Chakradance with 
Anne-Marie, don’t miss it! Heart-mind-body-spirit transformation through dancing feet and a soul guide who knows the way. Highly recommended.’ ~ Elizabeth ~
"This journey of Chakra Dance was again a beautiful way of accessing my body's messages and coming home to myself, however this time it felt more mystical and ancestral. Though it was shorter in duration with each chakra that we danced, it seemed to go deeper into my soul and I came out with clear insights and freedom in my body. I also found that the extra meditation at the beginning of the dance lulled me into a deeper state of trance and then the magic of the dance arose. I seemed to feel more joy this time, this may be where I was at, I am not sure. It also felt like all of my senses were heightened as I now recall one scene of entering our own temple, where I could see, smell, hear and taste the experience so vividly.I feel very grateful to have experienced all these journeys, however I feel that this one allowed me to go deeper very quickly. Of course a special thank you to Anne-Marie who creates such a sacred and beautiful space mixed with her magic and passion for dance."
 ~ Jessica ~
What a beautiful experience the 7 week Chakradance course has been. Anne-Marie creates such a calm, safe and sacred environment to really embrace the dancing process, and I’ve learnt so much about myself along the way. I was so nervous signing up to this course which was completely outside my comfort zone, but it has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Thank you Anne-Marie for an absolutely soul-nourishing experience 💜’ Kate
“ I have truly enjoyed the full experience of Chakradance. Without any expectation, I let Anne-Marie's guidance and my body wisdom to heal and discover new places of my own Being through dance, sharing in a circle and mandala drawing. I truly recommend step into this space and heal yourself with movement of Chakradance. Anne-Marie has a great gift to let your authentic self be seen and expressed.” M.B.
We are all born with the inherent ability to love, to be loved, to heal and transform. This is our essential nature. As social beings, we all need other people to walk alongside us in the journey of life. That's what it means to be human. You Me We.

Nurture Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life. Her sacred presence is alive within us, supporting us in every moment, guiding us towards natural healing and transformation. Along with this gift comes our role in reciprocity, to read Her signs, take responsible action, give thanks, love and care for Earth.
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