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Nature ~ Ceremony ~ Expression ~ Connection ~ Community
 Honouring and celebrating significant life events and transitions can be some of our richest and dearest experiences. 
When we come together in ceremony, we are connecting with very deep and ancient aspects of our humanity. We 'see' each other in our wholeness and we honour the unique essence of every individual. 
In sacred ceremony, we are supported by all the elements of nature, the spirits of the land, our ancestors and our higher selves.
These moments in time are precious. 
Coessence - Wedding Ceremony

Facilitator and Celebrant

Ceremony and Ritual

Ceremony and ritual have always been important to me. I grew up going to Catholic church where I revelled in the qualities of peace and reverence, the sense of belonging in my extended family and the joy of shared rituals and celebrations. Throughout my adult life I’ve explored, nurtured and deepened my spirituality which I experience as nature-based.
I honour the shamanism and mythology of my Celtic and Norse roots as well as the values of love, care and compassion that I learned as child through the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. 
Now, as a woman in my Earth Crone years, I confidently combine my gifts, skills and experiences, weaving them into my offerings as a facilitator and celebrant, co-creating ceremonies for life's most significant, moving and memorable thresholds... such as...
Birth, Death, Relationship Commitments, Birthdays, Menarche, Menopause, Croning
Coessence - Ritual - Woman
Coessence - Meaningful Moments
My dear friend and mentor Judyth at her 70th birthday honouring.

Meaningful moments

In my experience a simple, well-crafted ceremony can offer deep healing, joyful celebration, meaningful insights, nourishing connections and many memorable moments. 

I am enamoured by the beauty, possibility, mystery and commune-ity of ceremony, and that magical combination of ingredients is what I love to co-create with others.
Coessence - Ritual Celebrant - Outdoors

Flexible ritual celebrant

I'm at home in the bush, by the sea, under the moon and stars, with my feet in the soil, anywhere outdoors and wild. My favourite ceremonies are intimate, simple and nature-based. I'm inspired by and love to work with the elements of nature. 
I understand how ceremony and ritual play a significant role in our human nature and culture; they're vital for our sense of connection and wellbeing. Co-creating ceremonies with other nature-lovers makes my heart sing and my toes dance!

MaHaven ~ Sacred Space

I'm blessed to have a small private venue in Witchcliffe (near Margaret River) that is perfect for intimate ceremonies. Inside, the lime rendered walls are complemented by recycled timber windows, timber floor and ceiling. The jewel in the crown is a stunning lead-light window that casts gorgeous light into the room. Many people who enter the space say it has a quality of sacred presence, much like a limestone chapel. It feels cozy in Winter, cool in Summer and very welcoming all year round, comfortably accommodating up to 12 people.

I’m proud and happy to share this beautiful space which is an ideal for setting for a nurturing mother-to-be circle, a baby blessing, a couple's commitment ceremony, an elder honouring or any kind of intimate celebration.  
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Natural Ceremonies

I’m equally blessed to live in the beautiful Margaret River Region of south-western Australia. This is Wadandi Country and the Saltwater People are the traditional custodians of this land.

We're surrounded by natural beauty and majestic scenery ~ stunning forests, rugged granite rocks and limestone coast, the winding Margaret River, white sandy beaches,  brilliant sunrises, sunsets, moon and stars.

We’re literally spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful places to hold ceremonies! So, if being barefoot on the beach or embraced by ancient Karri trees is your thing and you want a meaningful, intimate nature-based ceremony, I would be honoured to co-create with you.

Discuss your ceremony

If you would like to discuss your ceremony with me please contact me via the form below with details of your needs and ideas so far.  I would love to hear what you hope to achieve and what you're planning, in order to properly serve you.

I look forward to hearing what you’re dreaming of…

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We are all born with the inherent ability to love, to be loved, to heal and transform. This is our essential nature. As social beings, we all need other people to walk alongside us in the journey of life. That's what it means to be human. You Me We.

Nurture Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life. Her sacred presence is alive within us, supporting us in every moment, guiding us towards natural healing and transformation. Along with this gift comes our role in reciprocity, to read Her signs, take responsible action, give thanks, love and care for Earth.
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