Bigger Picture Visioning Day

Come and play for a day… in the sand by the ocean, moving in tune with your own natural rhythms, allowing a bigger picture of your life to emerge…
Connecting with your own true nature through a range of expressive arts ~ sand play, guided visualisation, creative writing, collage and pastel drawing ~ you will explore your Heart’s true desire and your Soul’s deepest yearning. 
Together, we’ll share our visions and call in the support we need to live our most authentic lives.
This opportunity can benefit you if...

~ you're feeling stuck in your life/in your head/in a rut

~ you feel unsure about what lies ahead for you

~ you want more/less or something different in your life

~ you've lost touch with Nature or your own soul

~ you want to connect with your creativity

~ you want to connect with other women

~ you want to have some healthy fun!

Date and Times:

9.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday 1st April 2023


Redgate Beach and Witchcliffe
Details given on booking


$120 - $100 - $80 
Please pay according to your means

Bookings and Payment:

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We are all born with the inherent ability to love, to be loved, to heal and transform. This is our essential nature. As social beings, we all need other people to walk alongside us in the journey of life. That's what it means to be human. You Me We.

Nurture Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides everything we need to live a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life. Her sacred presence is alive within us, supporting us in every moment, guiding us towards natural healing and transformation. Along with this gift comes our role in reciprocity, to read Her signs, take responsible action, give thanks, love and care for Earth.
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