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Body Awareness
Zapchen Somatics

I was introduced to Zapchen Somatics by a coach friend who knew I was interested in the wisdom of the body. I absolutely loved it because it is so much fun and very effective.  As you will see on the homepage, "The practices and principles of Zapchen Somatics are a direct approach to embodying well-being, otherwise referred to as 'feeling as good as you spite of everything'." Zapchen Somatics are designed to be practiced and experimented with so the exercise books are really useful to have on hand. Again, my clients have really enjoyed this work - especially in groups.

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Marlena Field has produced a neat, easy to use book for coaches who are interested in coaching through the body. I have found some of the techniques to be very effective.

Her website is also full of useful tips and information, and if you're really keen you can sign up for tele-classes.

Inspiring Art and Design

Temple Rugs

Temple Rugs & Cultural Tours is owned and operated by my wonderful parents, Pam & Terry Hoyne. They are an inspiring couple who have created an ethical carpet and textiles business featuring magnificent handwoven, natural dyed carpets from Turkey and Morocco. They also take people on cultural adventures through Turkey and Morocco and other equally fascinating destinations!

Temple Direct

Temple Direct is owned and operated by my brother, Chris Hoyne, who is a creative and skilled designer and merchant of beautiful bespoke rugs from around the world.

Uplift Design

I am deeply grateful to Vibodha from Uplift design - he works with me to create my beautiful website! Vibodha's expert creative talent, his openness and integrity are amazing and I am so happy to recommend his services to everyone who wants a professional job done with heart and soul. Thank-you, Vibodha!

Professional Coaching

Lois Keay-Smith has a passionate vision - to inspire and support those who are seeking more satisfaction in their working lives. Her vibrance, professionalism and creativity are a joy! I highly recommend Lois to anyone who is at a crossroads in their working life, curious about what else their career may hold or feels they needs a bit of career wisdom!


Presence Brand Coaching

I worked with Julie Hill from Presence Brand Coaching when I was developing my Coessence logo and identity. Julie's coaching techniques and sharp intuition helped me to identify not only my business name but also the true 'presence' of my business identity.  She skillfully, creatively and playfully assisted me to birth my deepest visions, intentions and ideas, transforming them into symbols, colours, metaphors and language that I can use to express my unique offering in the world. I'm sure she can help you to do the same!

Rites of Passage

Pathways Foundation

The Pathways Foundation is a national harm prevention charity that assists young people make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult. Pathways does this is by providing contemporary, community based Rites of Passage programs for boys 13-15 years old (Pathways to Manhood) and girls 13-15 years old (Pathways into Womanhood).

I was a Trainee Leader with Pathways from 2010-2013 and can highly recommend their programs.

Hand in Hand - Nurturing the Parent Child Connection

Hand in HandAs a parent of two children, I highly recommend this organisation and in particular the resources available through its website. Patty Wipfler leads the organisation and writes most of its material; she is a sensational advocate of children, young people and parents all over the world.

Of all the parenting information I have studied (and that's alot!) this continues to make the most sense to me and my family.  Sign up for the 6-weekly email newsletter Connecting! and get a well-deserved hit of support and wisdom every time!

Social Artistry
Jean Houston

In 2005 had the priviledge of working with Dr Jean Houston and her colleague Peggy Nash during a 10-day intensive Social Artistry training held on Fraser Island in Queensland.  Jean's work is sublime - a beautiful fusion of philosophy, psychology, science, spirituality and the arts. She calls on us all to creatively expand our innate human capacities in order to meet the challenges of the present and the future. Her personal style as a writer, speaker and teacher is inspiring, thought-provoking and deeply enjoyable. The emergent field of Social Artistry is highly creative and experiential, using powerful tools that really do expand our human capacities. I use these tools in my coaching and facilitation and my clients love them!

Women & Girls
Women's Forum Australia

I am really impressed by this innovative, creative and courageous organisation which is taking a bold and evidence-based approach to issues that affect women and girls (and therefore the whole of society). WFA researches issues such as 'Work-Life Balance', 'The Effect of Media Images on Young Women', and 'Women and Abortion'. The research is used in submissions to relevant social policy and legislative processes, providing education to girls in schools, and raising awareness through the media. WFA also produces an email newsletter. If you're interested in keeping up to date with current women's issues in Australia this is a very useful website.

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