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About Anne-Marie Hoyne

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. My love of nature and passion for Mother Earth was nurtured in the southwest bush and the pure Indian Ocean – two places I am grateful to call ‘home’. I have been married for 27 years to a fellow West Australian (our ancestors came from neighbouring counties in Ireland) and together we raised our two children within a vibrant extended family, with cherished links to both city and country. 

I've always loved to dance and as a child I delighted in getting all the kids in my street to perform for the neighbours. Self-expression through dance, drama and other creative arts has always been an important aspect of my life. I regard creative expression as a powerful self-healing, joy enhancing, life affirming act that can simply and profoundly improve the quality of our lives.

I love people and have long been fascinated by what it means to be human. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in a family where philosophical discussion around the dinner table was common, where I was encouraged to be curious, to question, to listen deeply to my own and others’ life experience. I've always had a strong sense of gratitude for my life and have a strong calling to be of service to others.

In my 20's, after completing a Bachelor Degree in Youth Work, I began my journey as a group facilitator and community-based educator. Since that time I've been committed to living my life with deeper personal awareness, community building practices and acting for cultural change. I've worked with many non-government organisations and community groups. I'm passionate about the empowerment of women, parents, young people and other marginalised groups; I support the fostering of diversity. I believe that healthy local communities are the true heart of human society and culture.

In my 30's, I became interested in dance-movement therapy as a personal healing tool and as a way of combining my love of people with my love of dance.  I have experienced profound personal healing and transformation as a result of my training and ongoing practice in conscious dance and yoga. I'm endlessly fascinated by the wisdom of the body and am committed to sharing my passion with others.

In my 40's, I completed a Diploma in Professional Coaching and established my Coessence business. I became a Registered Marriage Celebrant & Funeral Celebrant in 2008 and met Penny Champ, a celebrant colleague, who soon became a cherished friend and business partner. Together we established The Women's Hearth where we offer circles, sacred ceremonies and healing retreats for women

Through my mid-woman years my life was infused with the creativity of ceremony and ritual; living a spiritually connected life became more important than ever. Now, in my mid 50's, having traversed the mighty terrain of menopause, I'm enjoying the process of harvesting the gifts, skills and experiences of the first half of my life (yes, I intend to live to 100) and distilling them into my offering for the next chapter. I'm more aware than ever of the privileges I've been blessed with and the responsibilities that come with them. I'm exploring new ways of working that integrate the best I have to offer, as well as the parts of me that have yet to be explored.

Some of my qualifications, training and experience are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Youth Work)
  • Diploma of Professional Coaching
  • Professional Training in Breathwork & Shamanic Healing (Level One)
  • Licensed Chakradance(TM) Facilitator 
  • Re-evaluation Counselling (10 years practice)
  • Trained Living Dance Facilitator 
  • Social Artistry Training Intensive (Dr Jean Houston)
  • Trained Group Facilitator (Relationships Australia)
  • Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant (Qualtrain Australia)
  • Trained Funeral Celebrant (Qualtrain Australia & NDCC)
  • Women's Leadership Development Program (Pathways Foundation)
  • Deathwalker Training (Natural Death Care Centre)
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