Coessence - Nurturing our Natural Connections
Welcome to Coessence Healing & Transformation
Mother Nature provides everything we need to live
a healthy, balanced and beauty-filled life.
Her constant & creative cycles of
birth, growth, zenith, decline, death and rebirth...
Her elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit...
these are gifts that live within us, surround and support us in every moment...
and when we learn to listen deeply, read the signs
and take empowered action,
they can also guide us towards natural healing and transformation. 
We are all born with the inherent ability to heal, to love, to be loved
and to transform... this is our 'coessence'.
As social beings, we often need someone, or even a community of others,
to walk alongside us on the journey.
Welcome to humanity! 
Nature heals, Nature transforms, We are Nature.
Women's Healing & Transformation
Are you on a healing journey?
Are you in a time of transition?
Do you need some support?
I offer a private, safe, nurturing and sacred space for women, using a combination of creative and empowering modalities to support healing and transformation...
Holistic Coaching
Embodiment Practices
Chakra Balancing
Energy Release Work
Spiritual Practices
Conscious Movement
Menstrual Cycle Awareness
Inner Child Work
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 nourishing, creative and healing

Group Programs, Workshops & Retreats

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Chakradance(TM) is a dance practice for your body and soul, taking you on a creative journey through the 7 major Chakras, or energy centres.

I'm very grateful to the founder, Natalie Southgate, for the brilliant synthesis of music, free movement, mediation and creative expression that is Chakradance.

I love it and I can't wait to share it with you!

Go to my Chakradance page for lots more information and details of my classes and workshops.



"Happiness is not an individual matter" Thich Nhat Hanh
“Coessence is ... about forming new selves that are defined by an understanding of a Sacred presence that nurtures and sustains us throughout our lives. It is about recognizing perfection in all we do, and all we are…even while surrounded by dirty dishes and dirty clothes. It is about co-creation and about taking responsibility for actions we do that impact our Mother Gaia. It is about a Divine presence that we share in and nurture, even while being nurtured.” ~ Bonnie Glass Coffin

"Commune with beauty wherever you find it." Dr Jean Houston

© Coessence - Anne-Marie Hoyne
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